"Feel The Music, Get Fit The African Way"

Safari Fitness

Safari® Flow

Low impact, high intensity, Pilates & Yoga inspired mat program to African rhythms. Define your body and increase strength and flexibility.

Safari® Dance

Dance fitness program that uses African & International music using choreographed dance steps to create a party atmosphere. Varieties of the rhythms include Afro-beats, Soca, Latin & Calypso.

Safari® Workout

High Intensity total body workout fitness program. Fitness done the African Way.

Safari® Party

Our special events platform.

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Founder Members Of The Guild Of Exercise & Wellness Professionals In Nigeria (GEP Nigeria).

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Certified Members Of The Institute Of Registered Exercise Professionals (IREP).


Safari® is a unique African inspired fitness program. 

Our Mantra is:

"Safari® Flow will free your mind, Safari® Dance is joy, Safari® Workout will give you life."

"Feel The Music, Get Fit The African Way."

Our main 3 programs are called

Safari® Flow.
® Dance.
® Workout.

We also have our Safari® Party events platform which can be tailored to personal or corporate events.

We are enjoying the challenge of our involvement in
Safari® across different continents.

Safari® Nigeria & UK

Safari Creators

Safari® Europe

Safari Creator

What We Do?

Main Programs

Safari® Flow

Safari® Dance

Safari® Workout


Our Expertise

The most common cause for people putting a break to their exercise routine is boredom and lack of time. Safari® has the ability to solve both these problems by offering a complete body workout in just a single session, making exercise fun. As the classes are exciting and the music is lively and up tempo, time flies quickly.

The many benefits of Safari® include the following.


Helps in relieving stress.

Safari® Flow, Dance & Workout our main programs are all about letting go of your inhibitions and losing yourself in the Afro-beats, Caribbean rhythms and snappy routines. The energetic movements not only help in the release of endorphin's that help in elevating mood and increasing energy levels, but also help to melt away your worries along with excess kilos.

Aids in toning and releases sweat from the body.

Safari® Flow has the moves to aid in working on core muscles of the abdomen along with other major muscle groups in the body such as legs, hips, back, and heart. Abs become stronger, buttocks and legs become leaner and firmer, upper body strength improves, the mind becomes more alert and coordination skills improve dramatically. Safari® Flow drastically improves circulation and strengthens the muscles and joints of the body. Safari® Flow helps in releasing sweat and toxins from the body. This helps to improve clarity of mind which also improves memory and concentration.


Helps in weight loss.

Safari® Dance is a great cardio class that helps in burning body fat and aids in weight loss. The number of calories burned in each class differs from person to person and depends on their age, weight, fitness level, and intensity put forward. One hour of Safari® Dance helps in burning about six hundred to one thousand calories. Practicing alternating intervals of low and high intensity movements helps you to burn more calories. It is recommended to attend at least two or three classes per week to keep the body in great condition and maintain weight loss.


Provides benefits of interval training.

Safari® Workout offers the benefits of interval training which is one of the most excellent ways to improve fitness. Safari® Workout integrates the theories of interval training in each and every class by making use of alternating slow and fast routines, incorporating repetition which makes the program easy to adhere too. Regular sessions of Safari® Workout classes has the ability to reshape and refresh all parts of the body.

After knowing all the benefits of Safari® why not try a Safari® class. Remember it may take a few classes to train the muscles to move a certain way and learn the rhythms and steps but once you have attended a few classes it becomes addictive. You don’t have to be a certain fitness level or have dance ability to participate, but the more often you attend the easier and better it gets.

Our Gallery

THE Safari® Team.

The Safari® Team is ever ready to upgrade your fitness regime.

Oumar Chevara Camara

Safari® Creator 

Trisha Maja

Safari® Creator

Akin Maja

Safari® Creator

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